Welcome to Dunedin Advisory

Dunedin Advisory specialises in personal and corporate insolvency, restructuring and recovery. Our services include formal and non-formal debt solutions. We advise and support individuals and businesses. Often we work alongside your bank, lawyer, accountant and other business advisers. We help you and them explore your options and then set your strategy. The sooner you or your adviser speaks to us, the more options you usually have.

Personal Insolvency and Debt Solutions.

If you have run into personal financial difficulties, there are a number of debt solutions open to you. The best solution for you will, of course, depend on your own personal circumstances.

Corporate Insolvency and Debt Solutions

There may be several solutions available to the company or there might just be one. It will depend on the financial circumstances of the business.

Business Advisory Services

Your business may have reached a critical stage and support is needed to face a challenge

Corporate Restructuring Solutions

If you are looking to restructure a business, we can identify the options that exist for you.