Sometimes, stakeholders can’t agree. On something or anything. Any impasse can have a significant impact on the ability to trade or meet financial commitments. We can facilitate a review of your business dispute and assist the parties to reach a conclusion.

We can:

  • Determine independently the value of shares or net worth.
  • Assess the appropriate proportion of value between the parties.
  • Set out the advantages of reaching agreement versus the disadvantages of allowing a situation to worsen, eroding value.
  • Provide options in the event that a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, including the use of a formal insolvency where it is of benefit.

Addressing such situations at an early stage is recommended. The earlier you consult, there is usually more explorable options. Avoid matters escalating out of control by talking to us.

We will help you assess your situation, explore your options, provide you with advice and develop a solution for you. To arrange a free, no obligation consultation click here or call 01592 630085.