Funding Requirements

Our extensive experience in insolvency and restructuring enables us to provide independent assessment of a business’s funding requirements: what funds it has, what it needs, when they are needed and where they are most effectively applied. We can assist in the sourcing of funding, and advise on the correct level and timeframe for repayment to suit operational needs. We work alongside banking and financial institutions, government agencies and other businesses, and introduce you to suitable funders for your business.

Various financial options exist: overdraft, term loan, asset finance, invoice discounting, grants (repayable and non-repayable) and leasing products. Different solutions are required for different businesses at various stages in the business lifespan. A robust business plan, proven track record and the right advisers all support a lending decision.

We will help you assess your situation, explore your options, provide you with advice and develop a solution for you. To arrange a free, no obligation consultation click here or call 01592 630085.