Business Debt Arrangement Scheme

Business DAS is administered generally by the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB), an executive agent of the Scottish Government. It is designed for partnerships, limited partnerships, trusts and non-corporate entities. Limited companies and limited liability partnerships do not qualify for Business DAS.

A Debt Payment Plan (DPP) under Business DAS allows you to come to arrangement with your business creditors, to pay them back in full in a reasonable timescale, based on what you can afford, not what they demand. We work out what you can afford to pay every month and for how long you will need to make that payment. A Business DAS must by law run for no more than five years.

Interest and charges are frozen at the time your Business DAS is accepted and you only pay back the principal sum. Because you are paying your creditors in full, from your profits, you don’t need to include or sell your business assets – unless you choose to do so. There will be restrictions on the sale of non- trading assets during the life of the programme, unless the sale is for the benefit of creditors.

We will support you through the process as your Continuing Money Adviser. In a Business DAS the CMA must be an Insolvency Practitioner. We will assist you with your application; reviewing your financial position and contribution regularly; and ensuring that your DPP is completed. At all times we must be able to confirm to your creditors that your Business DAS is viable.

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There is no substitute for detailed advice, tailored to your circumstances. Contact us and we will arrange to meet you, free of charge, for a discussion on what your options may be.